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If you need professional law assistance, contact your local attorney in Belleville, Illinois! The office of Don Cary Collins has represented the local area for over 40 years with multiple different types of law. From personal injury, divorce, DUI charges and even child custody, Don Cary Collins is here to help you with your case. Contact the office to get started with a free consultation.

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Traffic & Accident Representation in Belleville, Illinois

If you have been looking for law assistance to help you in fighting your wrongful traffic violation or have fallen victim to an automotive accident, please contact our office for a free consultation. There is not a case that we won’t review or support our clients in. The office of Don Cary Collins has been serving justice for over 40 years and promise that he will do what it takes to rid you of your false accusations and receive justice. Fill out the contact form for a free consultation and expert legal advice on your situation.

What Clients Have To Say

This is a wonderful decent man & attorney. I have known him for 30 years & he was a great attorney even when he first began. I have hired him for a multitude of criminal charges related to medical malpractice & related hospital & personal assaults.

I could not possibly think of ANYONE I would rather have as my attorney. He is kind, fair & explains EVERY DETAIL. I'm also going to have him prepare other basic work, like Wills, Advance Directives.

I am DISABLED from some of these HORRIFIC PHYSICAL & EMOTIONAL criminal assaults, assault & battery, assault with a deadly weapon .& others but I have studied the LAW myself.

If you are DISABLED or ELDERLY this is "THE MAN" to see. His experience & expertise in ALL of these areas are invaluable. In this UNITED STATES OF AMERICA we ALL NEED to play a HUGE ROLE, along with PRESIDENT TRUMP to bring criminals to JUSTICE, clean up this beautiful AMERICA where CHRIST JESUS, SON of the LIVING GOD, our LORD has richly blessed us!



Really nice people. Really good lawyer

If you want a traffic attorney who is competent, responsive and reasonable, Don Cary Collins is a good choice.

He was great. He exceeded my expectations.

Very good on communication.

Why People Choose Don Cary Collins

The Belleville, Illinois community has been seeking law assistance from Don Cary Collins for over 40 years. We have assisted in many cases and will fight for fair compensation for your injuries, removal of false DUI documentation and other legal justice. Call the office to set up a meeting and free consultation, today!

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We’re Committed to Our Clients

Regardless of your case, we will do what we can to see it through. We provide the quality representation that your case needs and will continue to fight along side you for your rights.

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We Offer Free Consultations

We don’t charge consultation fees because our client is what matters the most.

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