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Don Cary Collins has been assisting clients on a multitude of cases. From family law, criminal defense, workers compensation, traffic violations to suspended IDs, there is not a case that we won’t examine and assist our clients on. Times like these become stressful and can make or break the future you have set forth. If you need immediate legal assistance or are interested in having your case examined by a professional, please contact Don Cary Collins and he will be happy to meet with you.
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But How Do I Know if I Need a General Practice Attorney?

A general practice attorney is great to have for a multitude of reasons. Some of the most common reasons people look for a general practice attorney are as follows:

Hiring a general practice attorney means that they are not limited and have experience in all different types of law. A General Practice Attorney is often best suited to represent you in court, draft and review your documents, and be an active advocate during negotiations.

We Encourage You to Seek Help

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If you live in the Belleville, Illinois area and you are unsure about your next legal direction, contact the office of Don Cary Collins. We have been in service for over 40 years and have experience in all types of law. There is no case that we won’t review, and we promise to give you honest and authentic feedback before choosing the right legal direction. To have your case reviewed by an attorney please give the office a call and we will set up a free consultation.