What to if you have a Stair Accident in O’Fallon, IL

Stair Accidents

Much like slip and fall accidents, there are also different types of stair accidents, where you can slip and fall down or up the stairs and in turn, become injured. If you are wanting to file a personal injury claim or trying to get workers compensation depending on where it happened, here is some important […]

Duty Of Care in Fairview Heights, IL.

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What Is Duty Of Care? Do you understand what the duty of care is and how it affects you? Chances are you may or may not have heard of it. Duty of care is actually a legal term that is used to explain how one person is responsible enough to not hurt another person. With […]

Car Accident Claims in O’Fallon, Illinois.

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Car Accident Claims 101 After a car accident, you may come across a lot more problems than you anticipated after the initial collision. There’s a lot of other damages that may have happened, and before you know it, you might not even be compensated for it! Here are some claims you’ll want to make to […]

What Roles Do Your Insurace Play In An Automobile Accident in O’Fallon, Illinois?

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Roles Of Insurance In An Automobile Accident Did you contact your insurance company after your accident? Are you curious what they do? After an automobile accident, besides contacting a lawyer, it is always beneficial to contact your insurance company. They will investigate the accident, determine who is at fault, and who will end up paying […]

Why You Should Find Local Attorneys After a Car Accident in Fairview Heights, Il.

Reasons To Meet With Local Attorneys After A Car Accident What To Do After An Accident Car accidents are scary. At the moment you aren’t thinking of what to do next, instead, you’re full of shock. It’s okay, life happens. It is important, however, after filing the report and any other necessary tasks, to find […]