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Stair Accidents

What to if you have a Stair Accident in O’Fallon, IL

Much like slip and fall accidents, there are also different types of stair accidents, where you can slip and fall down or up the stairs and in turn, become injured. If you want to file a personal injury claim or trying to get workers’ compensation depending on where it happened, here is some important information you may want to know!

Types Of Stair Accidents

Worn Down Carpet Or Wood

This type of stair accident is a common one in the O’Fallon, IL area. It is possible you may come across a worn-down carpet or wooden stairs that may inflict an injury on you. With worn-down carpet stairs, it is harder to detect when there is a possible hazardous step than it would be with worn-down wooden stairs.

Stair Accidents

Wet/Icy Outdoor Stairs

Anytime it rains or snows you may run into the wet and or icy staircase. This has the potential for a lot of injuries. It’s not always necessarily your fault when you endure an injury on a wet or icy staircase. Sometimes the owner of the building can be at fault if their stairs can’t accommodate the standards of having a non-slip staircase, nor can stop the buildup of ice or snow.

Building Violations

Many buildings have codes that they must follow to ensure the safety of all visitors and employees. This is so that there are no injuries and potential lawsuits that may happen. Sometimes, though, you may run into a building that violates these codes and in turn, can cause you personal injury. If you find that there is a staircase without a handrail, that should require one, and you end up falling on one, they are at fault for your injury. The improper height or depth of a staircase can also cause an injury as the stairs are dangerous, and the owners could be liable for your injuries. Lastly, you may encounter uneven stair height or depth, just like the issue mentioned before, and may come across an injury.

slip and fall accident

No matter what happens, if you feel you have experienced a personal injury and somebody else is liable for your injuries, contact Don Cary Collins Law Offices in O’Fallon, Illinois for all your legal advice and protection.

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