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Work Injury

Summer Injuries And Illnesses In Fairview Heights, Illinois

Summertime is notorious for causing an injury or some illnesses that can happen during work. The chances of these happening become greater in the summer months, especially for those who work outside and spend a lot of their time in the sun. Remember that if any of these injuries or illnesses happen to you, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation and you should contact your Fairview Heights, Illinois, Don Cary Collins Law Office for any legal help.

Work Injury

Heat Stroke

Heat strokes are scary and can happen when your body overheats from the hot summer air and cannot cool itself down. If you feel you may be experiencing a heat stroke you should give it immediate attention as it can be fatal.


The hot summer heat can also cause dehydration. This happens when your body is losing water through sweat and you can’t make up for all the lost water. Bodily functions can fail, and fainting is possible.


Sunburns are common even outside of the workplace, and it may not even sound serious. However, it is possible to suffer from 2nd and 3rd-degree burns from long exposure to the sun without protection and that can cause a lot of pain.

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer can also be caused by the same exposure that results in your sunburns. To make sure you aren’t a new victim of this (sometimes) fatal cancer, be on the lookout for new moles, and odd growths on your skin.

Slips And Falls

Slips And Falls

During summer months, construction work becomes more available and so do slip and fall accidents. It is possible when working in construction you may be on a building and slip and fall. This can cause traumatic damage and can injure you, so caution is always needed.

Construction Accidents

As mentioned above, construction is more frequent in the summer months, and construction sites can be dangerous. Other ways that accidents may happen in construction sites can be from improper use of vehicles, tools, or machinery.

If you experience any of these illnesses or injuries, contact us at Don Cary Collins Attorney at Law. We will make sure you get the help you need.

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