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What To Expect When You Refuse Sobriety Testing in Fairview Heights IL

What Happens If You Refuse Sobriety Testing In Fairview Heights, IL?

If you are ever suspected of drunk driving a police officer may ask you to perform a field sobriety test. These will be able to calculate your state of awareness and they can assess the situation to see if you are at stake for a DUI. Please understand that you are allowed to decline a test, however, it is possible that denying a test may bring you some consequences.

Ways You Can Be Defended in Court

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Having a lawyer to defend you in court on a DUI is always a good idea. It will save you from a load of problems. When you have a lawyer to help settle your case there are ways that we can argue why you denied a sobriety test. Many times, it is possible to argue that these tests are not always scientifically correct and therefore should not be used in the court hearing. It is also possible for your lawyer to argue that the initial stop was illegal and therefore they cannot use that evidence against you. When you hire our attorneys, we can give you the best defense there is and help to disprove any wrong evidence against you.

Criminal Consequences

There are not many criminal consequences that may be against you if you deny a field sobriety test. However, remember that the thing you say or do can be held against you in court.

Civil Consequences

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There are civil consequences that you may face rather than criminal. Even though you are allowed to deny a field sobriety test you may run into some consequences. Some issues that you may come across are fines and getting your driver’s license suspended. This is because you are not subjected to civil rights and taking the test to protect others from your drunk driving.

All in all, if you ever feel like you may need help in the court of law, your Fairview Heights, IL Don Cary Collins Law Office will be able to help you with any DUI needs.

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