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Mistakes to Make After a Job Injury in Fairview Heights, Illinois

Unfortunately, injuries while on the clock happen more commonly in the Fairview Heights, IL area than one would think. Many people do not prepare for these types of situations and think that they won’t happen to them. When it does happen to someone and they aren’t prepared, this is something that can lead to mistakes and problems once it has happened. When someone has suffered a job injury, they need to know exactly what to do and also what not to do. One of the most common mistakes can often end up decreasing the settlements and benefits that someone could receive. If you don’t want this happening to you or any of your loved ones, we advise you to continue reading on.

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Not Reporting Your Job Injury

One of the most common mistakes that someone would make when they do suffer an injury in the workplace is not reporting the accident right away. There are exceptions that do exist, but most states do have a certain window of time that one would have to let their employer know if something were to happen. Waiting longer than you should, could lead to not having the proper benefits, or having your inquiries’ integrity called into question.

Not Reporting All Injuries

When it comes to not reporting an injury altogether, not reporting all of them could be just as big of a problem. If you were to fall at work and hurt your back, but also show signs of damage to your arms or legs, don’t forget to also let that be known too. Not saying the extent of your injuries and there being a problem later will look as though you are trying to claim more money than you have or other benefits. In other words, these injuries will not be taken seriously at all and could run the risk of you having workers’ compensation fraud.

Not Returning to Work When Able to

Not returning to work could not only hurt your company but you as well. A job will only give the employee certain time off and benefits depending on the type of work and position that one has. If one were to simply not show up to work just because they feel as though they can get by with not showing up to work could be a huge problem. This can also risk a lower paycheck that no one wants. When you do have something happen to you at work, make sure that you show up as soon as you can again.

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There are other different ways that injuries can be a problem. Not just to the person’s physical health, but to their benefits and income. If you have any other questions about workman’s compensation, give our team at the Law Office of Don Cary Collins a call today!

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