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Steps to Take After A Loved One Has Been Arrested in Belleville, IL

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If a family member or friend has been arrested in the Belleville, IL area, your mind is probably racing at lightning speed. This is a very hectic time, especially if you do not know what to do. Ensuring that you are taking the right steps is important and we at the Law Office of Don Cary Collins are here to make sure you understand the proper way to help a loved one who has been arrested.

What To Do When They Are Arrested?

If you witness someone you love getting arrested or you get a call from your local police department saying that they have been taken into custody, you first need to collect your thoughts. Once you do this and are in a calmer mindset, here are some things to do to help your loved one.

  • Call An Experienced Attorney

The best thing that you can do for a loved one is to contact a professional and experienced attorney. They will be able to help you with your situation as they have experience dealing with similar situations. You most likely will not have all the details but letting them know all the information that you can and what they are being charged with will help them understand the situation. This allows the lawyer to understand why they were arrested, and they can make sure to secure their release and move forward in the case. The lawyer will also discuss with you the financial side as well as the next steps for you and your loved one to take in the case.  Doing it on your own can cause more harm than good, so contacting a proper attorney to handle this for you is the best decision you can make.

  • Write Down What You Remember

Depending on what you specifically know about the situation, you may want to write everything down before you call an attorney. If you were involved in the arrest, write down every detail about the incident. This includes where you were, who was there, what time it was, and how the situation went down. You would be surprised how quickly things fade away from your memory, so writing things down is the best way to ensure that you have them not only in memory but also in writing.

  • Bail Options

When your loved one is arrested, they may either be released or given a bail order for their release. If you are looking to post bail for someone, you need to understand your options. Using a bail bond company to help you secure their release for only 10 percent of the bail amount is a smart way to go. However, with a bail bond company, you will not receive that money back. There is always you paying off their bail yourself, which if your loved ones show up to all of their court appearances, even if they are found to be guilty, you should get the money back.  Know that if you don’t think you will receive your money back from the person you would pay the bail for, consider using a different option instead.


If you have witnessed someone you care about being arrested, we understand how serious and confusing of a time this can be. If you are looking for an experienced attorney to assist you in this whole process, our team at the Law Office of Don Cary Collins is here to help! Give us a call today!

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