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Pedestrians Right of Way in O’Fallon, IL

Right of Way

Have you heard the saying “Pedestrians always have the right of way” before? It is true that drivers in O’Fallon, IL should do everything in their power to avoid hitting pedestrians. There are times, however, when pedestrians need to yield to oncoming traffic. When crossing through crosswalks or intersections, pedestrians must follow the signals of lights or get permission from crossing guards to pass. Here we will be providing more information on the right of way of pedestrians.

When Should Pedestrians Yield to Vehicles?

In O’Fallon, IL, there are laws set in place just like the rest of the state which say when pedestrians must yield to vehicles. These laws are set in place in order to protect both pedestrians and drivers. Whenever pedestrians are trying to cross a crosswalk at an intersection, they cannot cross if the traffic signal is red. Unmarked roadways with traffic signals cannot be crossed. A pedestrian cannot pass if there is a barrier in use like at a railroad crossing for example, and they also cannot cross while there is an emergency vehicle like an ambulance or firetruck approaching.

Other Pedestrian Laws to Know


Many of the people who are walking around high-traffic areas during the day may not know the other laws that they need to follow as pedestrians. Pedestrians should never dart out into the street for any reason, especially when they see oncoming vehicles as they might not have enough time to stop. It is important for pedestrians to remain on the sidewalk or the roadway if there is no sidewalk available. If a pedestrian is forced to walk on the roadway, they need to stay on the far side to avoid being on the road as much as possible. Pedestrians walking on a roadway need to walk the opposite side of traffic as well. Pedestrians need to use designated bridges to cross roadways when they are available. Solicitation on the highways in Illinois is prohibited when it is for the purpose of business, employment, contributions, or guarding vehicles. Pedestrians should also know the act of hitchhiking is illegal in the state of Illinois and can carry a year in jail and fines of up to $2,500.

If you are a pedestrian and are injured in a pedestrian-vehicle accident in O’Fallon, IL, you might have a case to make against the driver who hit you. If you know that the driver was at fault, and you did not break any laws you can build a case for personal injury claims. Give our team over at the Law Office of Don Cary Collins for assistance today!

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