The Difference Between Moving & Non-Moving Violations in Belleville, IL

non-moving violations

As an attorney, a common question that clients in Belleville, IL ask is whether a traffic infraction is considered to be a moving or a non-moving violation. This is commonly associated with the desire to understand how to best handle the ticket that the client has received. In Illinois, traffic tickets can be broken down […]

Mistakes to Make After a Job Injury in Fairview Heights, Illinois

work injury

Unfortunately, injuries while on the clock happen more commonly in the Fairview Heights, IL area than one would think. Many people do not prepare for these types of situations and think that they wouldn’t happen to them. When it does happen to someone and they aren’t prepared, this is something that can lead to mistakes […]

Duty Of Care in Fairview Heights, IL.

lawyer office

What Is Duty Of Care? Do you understand what the duty of care is and how it affects you? Chances are you may or may not have heard of it. Duty of care is actually a legal term that is used to explain how one person is responsible enough to not hurt another person. With […]

Car Accident Claims in O’Fallon, Illinois.

car accident

Car Accident Claims 101 After a car accident, you may come across a lot more problems than you anticipated after the initial collision. There’s a lot of other damages that may have happened, and before you know it, you might not even be compensated for it! Here are some claims you’ll want to make to […]