What are the Penalties for a Second DUI in Belleville, IL?

DUI Charge

There is a variety of possible outcomes and consequences resulting from receiving a second DUI arrest in Belleville, IL. Usually, the consequences depend on the overall outcome of your first DUI. A majority of people arrested for a first DUI do automatically get their driver’s license suspended for 6 to 12 months. This all depends […]

Lower Back Pain & Injuries 101

back pain

Have you noticed an achy back pain, that just can’t seem to go away? There are possibilities when your lower back pain may be caused by your work and often times can become wear and tear injury. A wear and tear injury can occur from lower back pain over time from repetitive stress and strain […]

Summer Injuries And Illnesses In Fairview Heights, Illinois

Work Injury

Summertime is notorious for causing an injury or some illnesses that can happen during work. The chances of these happen become greater in the summer months, especially for those who work outside and spend a lot of their time in the sun. Remember that if any of these injuries or illnesses happen to you, you […]

Why You Should Find Local Attorneys After a Car Accident in Fairview Heights, Il.

Reasons To Meet With Local Attorneys After A Car Accident What To Do After An Accident Car accidents are scary. At the moment you aren’t thinking of what to do next, instead, you’re full of shock. It’s okay, life happens. It is important, however, after filing the report and any other necessary tasks, to find […]