The Difference Between Moving & Non-Moving Violations in Belleville, IL

non-moving violations

As an attorney, a common question that clients in Belleville, IL ask is whether a traffic infraction is considered to be a moving or a non-moving violation. This is commonly associated with the desire to understand how to best handle the ticket that the client has received. In Illinois, traffic tickets can be broken down […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Personal Injury Case

personal injury claim

When it comes to a personal injury case in Belleville, IL, there is no real winner. This is because the at-fault driver will face steep insurance premiums, the weight of having harmed someone else, and even criminal charges or a loss of their license. On the other hand, the injured person faces medical bills for […]

Drinking and Driving Laws O’Fallon IL


Drinking and Driving Law and Consequences O’Fallon IL The drinking and driving law is serious and it should be noted that operating a vehicle and drinking an alcoholic beverage at the same time is never acceptable. This law can go as far as saying that not even the passenger of your vehicle can drink as […]

Why You Need A Lawyer For DUIs in O’Fallon IL

DUI Law Local Attorney

Why You Need A Lawyer For DUIs in O’Fallon IL Do you have a DUI and wondering if you can argue it on your own? The answer is don’t! Save yourself from embarrassment and other issues and call your O’Fallon, Illinois Law Office of Don Cary Collins. We can save you lots of money and help […]