What Does a Worker’s Compensation Attorney Do?

worker's compensation

If you are unfortunately in a place where an accident has happened at work, you might be left with some serious injuries. Has something like this happened to you? Then you might be eligible for workman’s compensation. If you are wondering what is the process of a workers compensation claim, then continue reading on! Experienced […]

Drinking and Driving Laws O’Fallon IL


Drinking and Driving Law and Consequences O’Fallon IL The drinking and driving law is serious and it should be noted that operating a vehicle and drinking an alcoholic beverage at the same time is never acceptable. This law can go as far as saying that not even the passenger of your vehicle can drink as […]

What To Expect When You Refuse Sobriety Testing in Fairview Heights IL

DUI Attorney

What Happens If You Refuse Sobriety Testing In Fairview Heights, IL? If you ever are suspected of drunk driving a police officer may ask you to perform a field sobriety test. These will be able to calculate your state of awareness and they can assess the situation to see if you are at stake for […]

Why You Need A Lawyer For DUIs in O’Fallon IL

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Why You Need A Lawyer For DUIs in O’Fallon IL Do you have a DUI and wondering if you can argue it on your own? The answer is don’t! Save yourself from embarrassment and other issues and call your O’Fallon, Illinois Law Office of Don Cary Collins. We can save you lots of money and help […]